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Watch Sudan Archives’ ‘Selfish Soul’ video

Let’s get this question out of the way right up front: Sudan Archives is not from Sudan. She was born Brittney Parks and hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. And that’s not a secret – she wants people to know. 

“I’m from Cincinnati. And I grew up listening to all types of music,” she told NPR in 2019. “And I’m not just inspired by certain types of African styles, but like, my mind was blown when I made the connection between Irish jiggin’ and West African rhythms.”

A vocalist, songwriter, producer, and self-taught violinist, Sudan Archives signed to Stones Throw Records in 2017. Her music mixes R&B, beatmaking, African folk, and experimental electronic music – a sound you don’t hear everyday, but when you do, you stop and listen. Check out Sudan’s new song “Selfish Soul” to see what we mean – the beat is catchy, the production’s scratchy and on edge, her voice cuts through it all with the confidence of musical tour guide, and her violin playing, wow, it’s icing in the cake. 

Sudan Archives’ new album Natural Brown Prom Queen is due out Sept. 9. 


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