The Colorado Sound is a noncommercial, listener-supported, public radio music station. We bring the spirit and soul of Colorado to the world through a diverse mix of new music, deep cuts, and regional standouts. We aim to be the best music discovery radio station, period.

The Colorado Sound launched on February 29, 2016. We are focused on strengthening community through music. We believe that music discovery creates communities that are passionate, curious, loyal, and connected.

The Colorado Sound is a community-licensed public radio station, operated by Community Radio for Northern Colorado, Inc., a 501 (c) 3, Colorado nonprofit organization.

The spirit and soul of Colorado

Here at The Colorado Sound, we take pride in discovering and showcasing Colorado artists. We strive to be the champion of our regional music scene and contribute to Colorado’s rich musical heritage through the development and promotion of Colorado music.

Your home for music discovery

Listening to The Colorado Sound you’ll find music from rock and folk to blues, funk, soul, and R&B. You’ll hear new discoveries alongside deep cuts and regional standouts — all programmed with the curious music lover in mind.

It’s all about community

You will often find our staff, including our hosts, out and about in the community. The majority of our funding comes from listener contributions which means we are accountable to the community, not corporate shareholders. We are in this together. We are in service to our audience and the musicians.

Connect with us

You can listen to The Colorado Sound at 105.5 FM along the Front Range, 88.9 FM in Steamboat Springs, 94.3 FM in Summit County, and anywhere in the world at coloradosound.org (look for the Listen Live button). Or, simply tell your smart speaker to “play The Colorado Sound!”

Board and committee meetings

If you are interested in attending Community Radio for Northern Colorado (CRNC) board meetings or our Community Advisory meetings, schedules and instructions are available on our Board of Directors page. Further details can also be found on the KUNC website under the heading General Information.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Community Radio for Northern Colorado’s mission is to strengthen our community by cultivating the mind and spirit – informing, inspiring, and entertaining. To fully live up to this mission, we strive to include diverse voices and amplify those from groups that are rarely heard in the media.

CRNC is committed to dismantling racism and prejudice in all aspects of our programming and operations. We acknowledge the decades of harm white-dominant media institutions have perpetuated by marginalizing certain populations and groups.

We commit to breaking down stereotypes and being inclusive in our organizational vision and practice.

Moving forward we will respect and celebrate multiple perspectives. We will take steps to build a diverse workforce that goes beyond race and gender to include age, culture, disability, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, and socioeconomic status. We are actively working to build an inclusive culture that reflects, honors, and serves our diverse listeners, and rejects white supremacy, religious persecution, and other forms of discrimination and alienation of groups.

We strive to make CRNC an example for other media organizations by modeling diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization.

View our full Diversity, Equity and Inclusion statement


CPB Audited Financial Reports

CPB Audited Financial report for FY 2022

CPB Audited Financial Report for FY 2021

Public Inspection File

Public Inspection File

If you need assistance reading or accessing the Public Inspection File, please contact Margot by email at: in**@co***********.org