The Colorado Sound launched on February 29, 2016; our first song was “Ophelia” by the Lumineers. We are a non-commercial, listener-supported, public radio station focused on strengthening community through music. We believe that music discovery creates communities that are passionate, curious, loyal, connected and deeply invested in the local music scene. We value authenticity and strive to create emotional experiences.

Colorado at heart.

Here at the Colorado Sound, we take pride in discovering and showcasing Colorado artists. We strive to be the champion of the local music scene and contribute to Colorado’s rich musical heritage through the development and promotion of Colorado music. Our unique qualities keep alive the tradition and spirit of what makes Colorado such a special place.

Variety is the spice of life.

We love music, and not just one type of music. If it’s good you can hear it on the Colorado Sound. Listening to the Colorado Sound you’ll find music from rock and folk to blues and R&B spanning the decades. You’ll hear new discoveries alongside your favorites — all curated with the curious music lover in mind.

It’s all about community. 

You will find our hosts out and about in the community, connecting with listeners, discovering Colorado artists, and creating connections through music. The majority of our funding comes from listener contributions which means we are accountable to the community, not corporate shareholders. We are in this together. We are in service to our audience and the musicians.

Connect with us.

You can listen to the Colorado Sound at 105.5 FM along the front range, 88.9 FM in Steamboat Springs, 94.3 FM in Summit County, and anywhere in the world at coloradosound.org (look for the Listen Live button). Or, simply tell your smart speaker to “play the Colorado Sound!”


FY 2021 Financial Report

Public Inspection File

Note: if you need assistance reading or accessing the Public Inspection File, please contact Margot by email at: info@coloradosound.org