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Meet The Staff



Assistant Program Director
Host, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. on weekdays
Host, Music 101

I wear a lot of hats at the Colorado Sound (okay, that’s a lie, I hate wearing hats) but I do many things to keep the Colorado Sound the station you love.

First is the music. I listen to LOTS of music. Of course, there’s my show, every weekday 10-3, and I also research and record my syndicated music history show Music 101. I take my love of music into the community and try to help however I can to facilitate the growth of the Colorado music scene.

Sometimes I sleep. Mostly I drink a lot of coffee!

Until The Colorado Sound, I worked in commercial radio for 25 years and started my own internet station. I love radio in all its forms but working in public radio is a joy. Working with listeners to create great radio is a privilege; one I never forget.

Colorado is night and day from Atlanta, where I made my radio home for over 13 years. I love it here. Colorado is wonderful!

My husband Steven and I live in Fort Collins with our 3 dogs, Wesley, Anya, and Violet. (Occasionally I bring them to work and you’ve probably heard them bark while I was talking on-air.) When we’re not out exploring Colorado with the dogs, I’m usually reading something about history.


Host, 6 a.m. – 10 a.m. on weekdays

When you’re first opening your eyes in the morning, I’m the guy who’s already up and at work trying to find the right music mix to help you get out of the house and into the day.

You might think I’m crazy to get up that early, but this is the 12th morning show I’ve hosted, starting when I was 17. It’s in my blood!

I was lucky when I was 16. I knew I wanted to combine my love of music and live shows into a career.  Working at stations in Massachusetts, Steamboat Springs and Boulder, along with being the talent booker at eTown and the entertainment director for the BolderBoulder, has steered me to The Colorado Sound. And I get to bring in music from home and play it for you!

As much as I enjoy playing the music you don’t hear anywhere else, a bigger joy is hearing what The Colorado Sound means to you, the listener. Those emails and social media posts are the best!

If you see me at a show some time, I hope you’ll say hi. It’s happened not just in Colorado but also in Omaha and Los Angeles!


Host, 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. on weekdays

I’m your companion during your afternoon drive time on the Colorado Sound. I make sure your commute has an awesome soundtrack and a brain teaser with the Time Warp.

I love getting to discover new music with our listeners (and the free snacks are cool, too).

Ninety percent of my adult life has been spent in radio and music in some capacity.

I hail from the Valley of the Sun and though I’m a tried and true mountain girl, I still feel like the desert is home.

Other important facts: hot over cold, spicy over mild, hedgehogs over warthogs, and coconuts in general. I once won a ham at a Phoenix Suns game.

Chris K

Weekend Host and Colorado Playlist creator

Telling you about me is challenging.  Music and radio are in my blood line.  I’m a third-generation entertainer, going back to my grandfather in the 1920s. All I do, and almost all I’ve ever done has been related to music and radio.  

I’ve been working in music and radio in some capacity, in Northern Colorado, since August 1978.  I’ve worked for 1310 KFKA, 99.1 KUAD, 96.1 K-SKY, KIMN, KCSU, KGLL, 107.9 The Bear, and other stations. I’ve also served on the board of directors for KRFC Fort Collins, where I founded the syndicated Colorado music radio show The Colorado Sound in 2006.  In 2016 KJAC picked up that name, and I re-branded my show as Chris K’s Colorado Playlist.  I’ve been with 105.5 The Colorado Sound ever since. My show, the Colorado Playlist, is now heard statewide on over 20 FM frequencies.

Today, my “day job” is all music related – consulting and coaching musicians, booking municipal events, doing sound and stage management for events and festival, and performing as a solo artist or with my band GOATZ!  I’ve performed at nearly every major music venue and festival in NoCO, including Bohemian Nights at New West where I’ve been the Mountain Ave stage emcee since the first year.  I have also taught music business entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado, Denver, in the music industry studies program. 

In over 40 years of music and radio in our community, I have dreamed of being involved with a station as community oriented, and musically adventurous as 105.5 The Colorado Sound.  As I look toward what remains of my career, I am ecstatic to have found my home in Northern Colorado radio and music.


Weekend Host

Host, 6 p.m. – Midnight on Saturdays
Host, Noon – 6 p.m. on Sundays
Host, Original Wave

Originally from Michigan, I began my radio career back at WDBM, Michigan State’s student-run FM. I started out in the news department as I was pursuing a journalism degree, but then I heard “The One I Love” by REM. I’ve been a deejay ever since at a variety of stations, mostly in Colorado. My first professional radio gig was at KTCL, back when they were still in Fort Collins. I was both on air and the development director for KRFC, and then I found my way to the Colorado Sound.

I’ve been on the Advisory Board for KUNC for a few years and had recently decided to stop my KRFC radio show, Dawn Can’t Decide. In casual conversation, I asked if there were any openings at the Colorado Sound and the rest, as they say, is history. I’ve been a long-time donor and advocate of commercial-free, public radio. The journalistic integrity of KUNC and the commercial-free playlist of the Colorado Sound are true gifts in our community and there’s nowhere I’d rather be on the air!

I do have a day job that I love as it allows me to stay involved in our great northern Colorado community. I volunteer for Partners Mentoring Youth, the Audio Information Network of Colorado and serve on several boards as well.

When not at the station or at work, you can find me at the gym, out for a run, reading a good book, playing with my dog Nash, or enjoying live music.


Host, The Nine O’clock Blues

I am a musician first and a radio host second and, if you’re doing a music show, isn’t that how it should be?  On the Nine O’clock Blues I play a wide variety of artists from legendary giants, known by virtually everyone, to some obscure footnotes of musical history, sadly forgotten except by me and a few other nutcase diehards.

I started piano at age 6, trumpet at 9, bass guitar at 12 and guitar at 15. A child of the British Invasion, I was first inspired to play professionally by The Yardbirds. Soon after, I discovered The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and have leaned towards Blues ever since.

My pro career started at age 14 and at 15.  After that I played with different bands in a variety of genres, happiest when doing a style that involved a fair amount of improvisation.

In the mid-1980s I started doing music on KUNC.  Since the early 1990s I’ve produced and hosted The Nine O’clock Blues.

The Nine O’clock Blues has been recognized as Music Show of the Year by the Colorado Blues Association.

These days I satisfy my desire to share music through my show and choose to perform my own music only in private because that’s where I don’t have to compromise between being an entertainer or a musician. I can play what I want and that’s the best part of being a musician.


Digital Director

As the Director of Digital Content, I oversee everything digital for the Colorado Sound, including the website and our social media accounts. Which is a great way to bring together my digital background with my passion for music discovery. 

Like many music fans, I’ve had a passion for music since childhood. I got my radio start during college for WMHB in Waterville, Maine. Soon after I veered into music journalism, writing for publications such as the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the SF Chronicle, Spin, Raygun, and alt-country magazine No Depression. I also wrote a book on the history of country music, The Rough Guide to Country Music.

While living in San Francisco I ran music discovery websites for CNET and CBS Interactive, including Music and I also led national digital content development for CBS Radio station websites around the country. I’m thrilled to now be in Colorado and working in public media for such an amazing station as the Colorado Sound. 

While I spent years digging deep into classic country, I love music in all genres, and I can’t wait to discover my next favorite song.