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Welcome to the Guest List, your home for the Colorado Sound’s concert ticket giveaways. 

All year long we give away tickets to some of the best concerts in Colorado, and all you have to do is enter. Fantastic live shows at no cost to you, what’s not to love?  

How It Works

Each week we list artists, dates, and venues for upcoming shows on this page, along with the codes you need to enter. Next, visit our Prize Giveaways page and enter the code into the form, along with your name and email. Winners will be picked at the start of the following week and will receive one pair of tickets to that show.

Below are codes and instructions for Guest List concert tickets we’re giving away the week of Dec. 12, 2022

Keller WilliamsWashington’sFri, 12/16WILLINGTONS
John CraigieOgden TheatreFri, 12/16JCOG
John CraigieWashington’sSat, 12/17JCWA
The RootsMission Ballroom Tues, 12/27ROOTSROOM
Charlatans U.K. & RideOgden TheatreSat, 2/11UK RIDE
Backseat LoversMission BallroomMon, 5/15BACK BALL
Fruit BatsOgden TheatreFri, 5/19FRUITY

Random winners will be chosen on Monday, Dec. 12, 2022.  

Enter to win Guest List concert tickets here, and make sure you use the code shown. Please, only one entry per person per show.

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