Stream One Hit Wonder Day

Happy One Hit Wonder Day, everyone!

On one of the greatest days of the year, we played a full day of One Hit Wonder songs that you know you love! Everything from Alannah Myles to Zager & Evans, and hundreds more! Stream the full day of hits for the next two weeks. 

This archived stream is no longer available.

A few housekeeping items on what fits the criteria for a One Hit Wonder song: it had to have charted very well on the (mainstream) American Billboard Hot 100 OR it had to be the only song a musician is known for (even if it charted marginally.)

There are a fair amount of songs and musicians people think of as one hit wonders. The Knack, Vanilla Ice, Katrina & The Waves, Spandau Ballet, Ugly Kid Joe, and a bunch of others are actually Two Hit Wonders on the American mainstream Billboard charts.

By the way, Two Hit Wonders is the topic of Sunday’s Music 101.

And lastly, find a printable PDF of our One Hit Wonder Bingo card. Post on socials, and win concert tickets for participating. Simple rule: the song you hear marks the spot.

We hope you enjoy the day as much as we think you will!