Lambchop leans into an electronic dance groove on ‘Little Black Boxes’

Set aside whatever you may know about Lambchop. Bandleader Kurt Wagner has taken a new direction on the band’s new single “Little Black Boxes.” 

Based out of Nashville, Lambchop has been around since the early 1990s, with well over a dozen albums to their name. The band is a somewhat rotating collective of musicians, with Wagner as the band’s centerpoint – chief singer and songwriter and the only constant member. 

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Lambchop is best known for slow, languid, moody songs that float through your mind like fuzzy pieces of dream. You can’t quite remember exactly what happened, but it’s left a lasting impression. Wagner’s rich, baritone voice anchors the songs, with the musical layers filling the space and a rhythm (if you can call it that) moving at its own unhurried pace. It’s music you sit back and settle into.

“Little Black Boxes,” however, is a whole different animal. It’s an electronic dance song, with Wagner’s voice treated with Trans-like effects and bright (for Lambchop, at least) beats pumping the song with an actual driving rhythm. And no lie, it’s a lot of fun. 

The song, says Wagner, “was created in a hot, sweaty, smoky, room on a mid-July evening filled with six or seven sweaty Minnesotans, four or five laptops, a piano, a smoke machine, and some laser lighting all throbbing to an undeniably infectious groove, it’s a wonder we all survived. But here we are. Lightning in a beer bottle.” 

“Little Black Boxes” is the latest single from Lambchop’s upcoming album The Bible, due for release Sept. 30.