Britpop (1st Wave)

Britpop (1st Wave)

Blur’s “Popscene” helped catapult the Britpop movement. Image courtesy of the artist.

At the same time that Grunge was taking over the charts and airwaves, there was another type of music (opposite sonically to grunge and firmly rooted in British identity) that gradually gained popularity in the early ’90s. This week on Music 101, we explore that genre, known as Britpop. 

Here is the full playlist of the songs featured in the episode.

Blur | “Popscene”
Suede | “The Drowners”
Pulp | “Common People”
Elastica | “Connection”
Oasis | “Supersonic”
Oasis | “Roll With It”
Blur | “Country House”
The Verve | “The Drugs Don’t Work”
Ocean Coulour Scene | “Riverboat Song”
Supergrass | “Alright”
Music out: Blur | “Girls & Boys”
Medleys this week courtesy Britpop At The BBC

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