Musicians Who Disappeared

Musicians Who Disappeared

Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd was the early creative force of Pink Floyd, making his “disappearance” all the more tragic

This episode of Music 101 covers musicians who disappeared. Both literally and those who dropped out of music and the public view.

Find the playlist of the songs featured in the episode.

Songs featured:

Connie Converse |  “How Sad, How Lovely”
Connie Converse | “Talking Like You (Two Tall Mountains)”
Jim Sullivan | “UFO”
Manic Street Preachers | “She Is Suffering”
Pink Floyd | “Arnold Layne”
Syd Barrett | “Golden Hair”
Iron Butterfly | “High On A Mountaintop”
Fleetwood Mac | “Black Magic Woman”
Glenn Miller Orchestra | “Jukebox Saturday Night”
Bobbie Gentry | “Ode To Billie Joe”
Music out: Syd Barrett | “Golden Hair” (instrumental version)