Wilco’s “Everyone Hides” Takes Listeners On A Magic Ride

Wilco, who will play Mission Ballroom November 19, have released the latest song from their upcoming Ode To Joy, to be released October 4. While “Everyone Hides” takes on apparent life-sized issues (“If you’re telling yourself a story, where the secrets twist like vines,” sings leader Jeff Tweedy), the band finds themselves in a comfortable zone, calling to mind the band’s poppier early-catalog side.

On the new song, Wilco combines a sunshiney feel with a buzz-saw vibe. In the video, too, you can find the band opening up in ways not seen in years. “‘Everyone Hides’ is the first promotional video to feature Wilco as a living breathing band of humans in close to 20 years,” Tweedy said in a statement. “Maybe for obvious reasons we’ve avoided putting ourselves forward in this way and have tried to play to our strengths musically or, I don’t know, maybe we’ve just been lazy…. Or suspicious of expenditures outside of our focus on album making. For whatever reason this time around we just …had a blast.”

In the video, the band wanders around parts of Chicago and spots now part of Wilco-lore, like Wrigley Field and Marica City, the famed spot of the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album cover. 

This is the second song from Ode To Joy. “Love is Everywhere (Beware)” was released earlier this summer. 

In related Wilco news, UK magazine Uncut’s current issue features a covers album called Wilcovered, with contributions from Sharon Van Etten, Low, Kurt Vile, Handsome Family and many more redoing Wilco originals.