What’s New On The Colorado Sound

  1. 14ers “Nashville” (LOCAL)
  2. Allison Moorer “The Rock And The Hill”
  3. Andrew Bird “Manifest”
  4. Belle & Sebastian “This Letter
  5. Caamp “Peach Fuzz
  6. Charley Crockett “5 More Miles
  7. Chrissie Hynde & The Valve Bone Woe Ensemble “How Glad I Am”
  8. Copper Children “Roots” (LOCAL)
  9. Courtney Hartman “Won’t Be Satisfied” (LOCAL)
  10. Death Cab For Cutie “To The Ground
  11. Devendra Banhart “Taking A Page
  12. Devon Gilfillian “Even Though It Hurts
  13. Dragondeer “Max Patch” (LOCAL)
  14. Foals “The Runner
  15. GA-20 “Lonely Soul
  16. Gabriel Mervine Quartet “Quickie” (LOCAL)
  17. Joan Shelley “The Fading”
  18. Joseph Arthur “Streetcar”
  19. Mondo Cozmo “Black Cadillac”
  20. Penny & Sparrow “Don’t Wanna Be Without Ya”
  21. Sturgill Simpson “Sing Along”
  22. The Catcalls “My Stand” (LOCAL)
  23. The Mavericks “Swingin'”