What is a Colorado Sound sustaining member?

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If you listen to the Colorado Sound, you’ve probably heard us use the term “sustaining member.” So…what does it mean?

Sustaining members are those who have pledged a certain amount each month, vs. giving a one-time amount. Both are extremely important .But for those who give as a sustaining member, it’s a way to help you budget your donation all year long. Colorado Sound sustaining members are our backbone, as you have pledged your support over time.

The Colorado Sound is dedicated to music discovery, and as a member, you are a vital part to keeping the music flowing! 

Sustaining members can pledge any amount they are comfortable with each month. Every donation, no matter how much, makes a big difference.

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Join our community of music lovers and become a sustaining member of the Colorado Sound. It takes just 2 minutes. Then when you hear a song that you love on the air or over our stream, you can say, ‘I helped make that happen!’ 


The Colorado Sound supports music discovery…and so can you!

When you make a gift to The Colorado Sound, you directly support the music you enjoy every single day. Thank you for supporting The Colorado Sound!