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Wear us out!

wear us out casa bonita colorado sound summer
Photo courtesy Travis Chorn via Instagram

As part of the 105 Days of Summer, we encourage you to wear your Colorado Sound gear when you’re out and about. And if you do, you could win some cool prizes!

Whether you’re hiking, watching a concert, climbing a 14’er, running an errand, drinking a beverage, or just walking around town, when you wear your Colorado Sound gear out in the world, simply post it on your Facebook or Instagram account and tag us, so we see it (our accounts are here: Facebook and Instagram). Then each week throughout the 105 Days of Summer, we’ll pick random posts to win a prize!

What you wear (or show off) is up to you. It can be a T-shirt, ball cap, socks, travel mug, a pen or pencil, or even a sticker.

wear us out small batch 2022 odell colorado sound team gear

Don’t have any of these items? Get creative! Print out our logo and hold it up to the camera; draw it and color it in with crayons; or just pull up our logo on your phone and have your friend take a photo. The possibilities are endless!

Also, you don’t have to be in Colorado to take part. We love to see our listeners sharing the love from all over the world, too. Last year, Colorado Sound listeners shared photos from around the country, and even in far-flung spots like Germany, Fiji, and Norway!

And while you’re tagging us on social media, be sure to follow us, too. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram

Have a great summer everyone!

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Mark on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro
" I just summited Mt Kilimanjaro (19,300’) a few days ago and wanted to let you guys know 105.5 was coming in loud and clear in Tanzania! Keep on rockin!"
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