Watch Nathaniel Rateliff’s Live Version of “Still Out There Running”

Today, Nathaniel Rateliff releases his brand-new live album, Red Rocks 2020. The album was recorded in an empty Red Rocks Amphitheatre during his series of livestrreamed, socially distanced shows last year.

The live album came about because Rateliff’s solo album, And It’s Still Alright, had been released in March of 2020, but any supporting live shows were stopped due to the pandemic. Red Rocks 2020 is way for us all to experience the show, which featured Rateliff (guitar);; fellow Night Sweats Joseph Pope III (bass), Mark Shusterman (keys), Patrick Meese (drums, keys, guitar), and Luke Mossman (guitar); and James Barone (drums, guitar), Joy Adams (cello), Rachel Sliker (viola), Adrienne Short (violin), and Chris Jusell (violin.)

Above is a beautiful live version of “Still Out There Running” – a song, Rateliff, says, that they don’t often play during Night Sweats live shows. 

And in related news…stay tuned to the Colorado Sound for news on a brand-new Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats music coming very soon!