Watch the War on Drugs perform a Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

In their Tiny Desk (home) concert, The War On Drugs gather in their packed studio in Burbank, CA to let us in on the fun and intricate inner workings of their craft.

After opening the show with “I Don’t Live Here Anymore,” which shares the same title as their new album, frontman Adam Granduciel introduces the band and asks if anybody has a capo. Suddenly a very thoughtfully crafted tiny desk with drumsticks for legs (and topped with a tiny lamp too!) slowly lowers down into the space, delivering said capo. Granduciel smiles, and the group continues with three more tracks from the new record: “I Don’t Wanna Wait,” “Old Skin,” and “Change.”

Although the band’s big sound is fit to fill an arena, we’re lucky to get to hear it reverberating in this cozy setting. The War On Drugs’ fifth album, released Oct. 29, presents new songs that feel familiar and true to their sound. 


  • “I Don’t Live Here Anymore”
  • “I Don’t Wanna Wait”
  • “Old Skin”
  • “Change”

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