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Volores is the band you’d drive 105.5 miles to see – Colorado Sound Music Awards

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You voted Volores as the musician or band you’d drive 105.5 miles to see

By Adam Perry

Rock trio Volores has only been together a few years, so winning our write-in category, the Band or Musician You Would Drive 105.5 Miles to See, is an exceptional coup. Although frontwoman Shelby Maxwell had a quick, confident answer when asked how a band with only one album, this year’s AGES, under its belt.

“I think my vocals kind of speak for themselves; that alone is great and all, but really I think it’s the love and the joy that you would witness on stage between the two of us as a partnership,” she says, referring to her bandmate and husband, bassist Nathen Maxwell of the internationally successful Irish punk band Flogging Molly.

Some bands with couples in them aren’t so up-front about those relationships, and even try to downplay or even veil them in concert and interviews, but Volores embraces the love the Maxwells have for each other that inspired the band’s creation and inspires its songs and its exciting live presence.

“It’s really part of the theme to be honest of what created the aura,” Shelby says, “is our dynamics of our relationship—what we’ve experienced, not only individually but together. So yeah, you know, we do wear our heart on our sleeves and we are each other’s best friends and partners, and so it’s just so natural for us. It’s the first thing on our minds and on our mouths.”

The silky rock ‘n’ roll of Volores has a subtle western tinge that obviously sits well with Colorado Sound voters, who wrote the trio in for this award. And winning means a lot, says Shelby.

“It’s a big, big honor. We’re blown away, to be honest. I definitely did not expect anything like this, and it’s a huge honor being such a brand-new band, and with only a handful of local shows under our belt. We’re just really grateful; we want to inspire them to live up to that and make sure that we give it our all and make sure that our live performances is worth driving 105.5 miles to see.”

Volores will try to live up to the award at its next big Colorado show, opening for the Hold Fast at the Bluebird Theater in Denver on December 21.

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