Hiss Golden Messenger and Lucero added to our March 6 show! - The Colorado Sound

Hiss Golden Messenger and Lucero added to our March 6 show!

Artwork created by Dan Augustine / @dan_augustine_draws

Next weekend we are celebrating our birthday with a special show that you won’t want to miss. This week we announced Hiss Golden Messenger and Lucero to take part!

The event takes place on our YouTube page and our website. If you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube page, do so here. To listen to the music of all previously announced artists playing our birthday party show, head here

Our 5th birthday party gets support from Fort Collins Nursery and New Belgium Brewing, and your voluntary donations benefit the Colorado Independent Venue Association, an affiliated chapter of the National Independent Venue Association, which is working to bring live shows back.

Hiss Golden Messenger

Hiss Golden Messenger is a leading band in the indie-alt-country-Americana scene. Led by the excellent songwriter M.C. Taylor, this North Carolina band has been wildly prolific for over a decade, releasing some of the best sonically constructed albums in that time. Their most recent full length, Terms Of Surrender, earned a 2021 Grammy nomination for Best Americana album. Here’s more on that album from Wold Cafe.



Memphis’s Lucero specialize in an intoxicating hybrid of swamp soul, cowboy punk and blues, all with an electric lyricism that has allowed the band to grow one of the most loyal fan bases around, consistently selling out venues from Ryman Auditorium in Nashville to Red Rocks here at home. Their most recent album, When You Found Me, just arrived, and it follows their excellent 2018 album Among The Ghosts. Heavily influenced by stalwarts throughout music, Lucero are one of the most original bands around. Here they are recapping their love of Warren Zevon and more