‘Brightest Light’ Is the New Velveeters Video: Watch

The Velveteers are gearing up for release of their debut album. And today, they released the third single, “Brightest Light.”

“This one is very dear to our hearts,” the band wrote about the song. Watch the new video above. 

“Brightest Light” is the third single released so far from Nightmare Daydream, the Colorado band’s upcoming album. It’s set for release on Oct. 8, and it was produced by produced by Dan Auerbach (of the Black Keys) at his studio Easy Eye Sound. The previous Velveteers singles are “Charmer and the Snake” and “Motel #27.

The Velveteers are singer/guitarist Demi Demitro and drummers Baby Pottersmith and Jonny Fig. “I instantly dug them,” says Auerbach. “They’re amazing live, and their videos are so creative.”

Showing a more stripped-down and (dare we say) quieter side of the band (certainly compared to the fiery “Motel #27”!), “Brighter Light” gives center stage to lead vocalist Demi Demitro. It’s a song of longing and love, and the video focuses almost exclusively on Demitrio, who’s playing acoustic guitar on a summer-y hillside (well, until she drops down into somewhere else, Alice in Wonderland style, through a white door). 

The song shows the band has quite a range – from the raunchy garage-psych sound of “Motel #27” and the slithering “Charmer and the Snake” to “Brighter Light.” But don’t be fooled, this folk song has secrets and perhaps isn’t as innocent as it seems. 

Nightmare Daydream is out Oct. 8. The Velveteers play the Gothic Theatre in Englewood, Colo. on Nov. 26.