Music 101: Two Hit Wonders

Music 101: Two Hit Wonders

You’ve heard of the One Hit Wonder. Did you know that some of the bands you think of as One Hit Wonders are actually Two Hit Wonders? We’ll explore the two hitters this week.

You can hear the September 29 episode below.

Songs featured on this week’s Music 101

General Public | “Tenderness”
General Public | “I’ll Take You There”
The Rembrandts | “Just The Way It Is, Baby”
The Rembrandts | “I’ll Be There For You”
Blue Öyster Cult | “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”
Blue Öyster Cult | “Burnin’ For You”
Redbone | “Witch Queen Of New Orleans”
Redbone | “Come And Get Your Love”
A-Ha | “Take On me”
A-Ha | “The Sun Always Shines On TV”
The Knack | “My Sharona”
The Knack | “Good Girls Don’t”

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