These Are The Mujeres Taking Over This Week’s ‘El Tiny’ Concerts

Female artists from Venezuela, Mexico and Cuba are taking over the “El Tiny” Tiny Desk series as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. The artists also span different genres in the music industry.

Silvana Estrada is based out of Mexico City but was raised in Veracruz. There, she grew up listening to Latin American folklore, son jarocho and rancheras, which you can hear traces of in her own music.

She describes herself as “obsessed with words, sound and the beauty of emotions.” Her singing is crisp, just like the production, and the instrumentals that accompany her vulnerable lyrics are the perfect pace and sound.


Next up is maye, who was born in Venezuela and later grew up in Miami. She writes and sings in Spanish and English to slow pop rhythms.


From Cuba is Eme Alfonso, who NPR’s Alt. Latino host Felix Contreras says is “part of a new generation of musicians throughout Latin America who blur the line between genres and influences.” She comes from a family of musicians and was a part of the band Síntesis, which was directed by her parents. Her sound combines Afro-Cuban music with rock and jazz, and it’s spirited and soulful.

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