The Everettes bring a sunny-day mindset

The minute the Everettes’ song “So Many Ways” begins, you know you are in for a road trip and a sunny-day mindset.

The Everettes are musicians who met at the intersection of worlds and eras: Berlin meets San Diego, new-soul steeped in Motown, big strings, harmony, and horns – all of which encourage positivity. The band’s sound is adorned with a classic 1960s vocal lineup, as three decked-out female singers harmonize center stage, backed by a solid six-piece band. The presentation is all sparkle and suits on stage, playing to an audience in full dance-friendly agreement.

The Everettes are the polar opposite of grumpy. Listen and you may find yourself pondering how you can bring love to the world, or how you can avoid “Red Flags,” a track from their latest album that manages to make the blues feel happy.

The Everettes aren’t sugarcoating their lyrics, but they will make lemons into lemonade with a spoonful of sugar to sweeten the bite of life. Take the single, “So Many Ways,” which happily bounces along as the lyrics look at feeling a bit lost.

Is it ever getting better?
Just another road to hold to
Anywhere to go, but life will be a maze though
Just another way to lean to
I am waiting for a sign how to run through

The Everettes sophomore album Soul Steps is a coming of age collection with personal development as a foundation. It was recorded with warm analog sound and produced in Hamburg by Dennis Rux.

The album is full of concise songs that deliver R&B influence and beyond, incorporating early ’70’s West Coast funk that will get you up and dancing.

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