The Decemberists Join The Colorado Sound

The Decemberists joined The Colorado Sound to explore their musical influences.

On Monday, Chris Funk and John Moen of The Decemberists joined Margot for a special DJ Takeover ahead of their Red Rocks show on Tuesday, May 22. Each band member chose a selection of songs. Many of them had an influence on the recording of the band’s new album, I’ll Be Your Girl.

Their choices form a diverse collection, ranging from the punk-ish work of The Split Ends to the Kraut-rock inspired “Hallogallo” from Neu. Also, homages to The Cure, John Cale, and many more. 

Of the opening track to the set, “Halloween” from Siouxsie and The Banshees, Moen had some high praise. “That whole record is killer. It’s one of my favorite records from that time,” he said of the album, Juju.

Exploring The Roots And Influences of The Decemberists

Following up on that is the gorgeous 2008 song from Portishead, “The Rip”. Funk said “The Rip” served as an influence on The Decemberists first single off of I’ll Be Your Girl.  “I remember playing that song in the studio as one of our influences for Severed“,” Funk said, noting the song’s synth-driven structure.

That song wasn’t the only one from the DJ Takeover that helped shaped I’ll Be Your Girl.

Funk remembers telling the band that “maybe “Severed” could be re-framed as this Krautrock song,” citing the influence of the Neu track.

On the John Cale song, Funk said: “His records aren’t always super listen-able,” he said. “I saw him live in Portland with 50 people in the room and he was so good.” 

For more sounds that you might expect from the Portland, Oregon band, there’s one from Michael Chapman, an English folk singer. He contributes “Stranger Passing By”, sounding like a very direct influence on the music of The Decemberists.

Each song from the DJ Takeover can be heard on our Spotify playlist. 

Tickets to see The Decemberists with Whitney are still available.