Friday: The Strings And Stories Fundraiser

Friday: The Strings And Stories Fundraiser

The Colorado Sound is thrilled to be a part of the Bluebird Music Festival’s “Strings & Stories” film and fundraiser. The film, available June 28, features an all-star cast of musicians playing songs and sharing personal stories. 

This is part of a larger fundraiser where the foundation is giving away more than $20,000 in gifts including a $14,000 custom guitar and roundtrip flights & a VIP package for the 2021 Festival in Boulder.

The project is raising funds for the Future Arts Foundation which has lost tens of thousands of dollars due to the cancellation of this year’s BMF. The foundation supplies public schools with musical instruments they can not afford and provides free art lessons to the children of teachers and first responders.

Boulder’s Daily Camera newspaper has an interview with Travis from the Future Arts Foundation who explains all the angles.

Find out the details on the event and the ways you can support the Bluebird Music Festival.