Strange Stagefellows (Odd Opening Band Choices)

Miles Davis famously (and perhaps oddly) opened for The Grateful Dead
Strange Stagefellows

On this week’s Music 101, Strange Stagefellows – odd opening band choices. Sometimes you’re excited about the headliner, and then you look at the opener, and think, “Why?”

Sometimes opening acts make sense; other times they share a record label. But some pairings have no rational reason, like when comedian Albert Brooks opened for Sly & The Family Stone. 

Our playlist of artists and songs featured below have more examples. For your listening convenience, note that the first song is the opener and the second song the headliners – ie, in our playlist, the Ramones opened for Toto; The Who for Herman’ Hermits; and so on. 

These pairings may not have made sense at the time, but they certainly stand the test of time for their originality.