Stars Reflect on “One Day Left”

Stars singer Amy Millan checked in before the band’s show at Bluebird Theater.
The Colorado Sound caught up with Stars

Montreal’s Stars are among the most consistently reliable bands in all of indie music.

Their 2017 album There Is No Love In Flourescent Light has been making up a bulk of their recent tour material. And, their catalog is deep. Stars first album come out in 2001, and their discography includes the excellent 2004 release Set Yourself On Fire and 2007’s In Our Bedroom After the War.

Their new single, “One Day Left”, is among their most introspective to date, reflecting on the intimate moments of a relationship. It’s both summery and nostalgic all at once; long a Stars trademark.

Before their Bluebird Theater show, we had a chance to catch up with the band’s singer Amy Millan. 

The Colorado Sound: As a Canadian band, what’s it like to be in the US these days?

Amy Millan: Important. It feels important to be here and share beauty and light and art and love. 

It’s hard to go to a show anymore and not hear a band talk what’s going on. Do you feel obliged to speak up, or just play music?

We speak to your heart. We are here to tell you the meek are getting ready. Come to our church so we can raise our hands together. 

Your new single “One Day Left” is all about last moments. But is the song more about leaving or returning? 

We haven’t figured that out yet. We will let you know when we find the answer! 

As the song was being made, was there anything going on in your life that made you think …. “There’s just one day left?”

Pretty much looking at the climate makes one wonder that sometimes. 

Over the course of 17 years, Stars create music that kind of glows. What does it say about a band that creates music with this kind of tapestry?

Thank you! We want to connect with you. We are here to soundtrack your life. It’s never been about us, it’s all about you. We want you to be cocooned by our mission. Like a hug. 

I am curious what kind of music you listened to growing up. Anything that foreshadowed what you are doing now?

The Smiths. Joy division. Johnny Cash and Billy Holiday.  

You make music that seems fun to make and live with. What’s the best part of being a member of Stars?

Everyone is hilarious. Very, very funny. It’s the reason we are still a band. 

Back to “One Day Left” – is that part of a bigger project we can hope to hear soon?

Stars is pretty much the bigger project and yes, we promise there is more. 

So, what’s your “One Day Left” list of things to do when you make it to Denver? 

Please tell us Denver!!! Tweet us @youarestars or message us on Instagram @montrealstars 

What should we do???? 

Stars are at the Bluebird Theater on Saturday, June 23.