SNL’s ‘I Got a Robe’ skit is still funny

When it first aired in December of 2020, ‘Christmas Morning’ was a crack up and easily one of the best Saturday Night Live Christmas skits we’ve seen in recent years. 

The skit stars Kristen Wiig, Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney, and Chloe Fineman. 

It also hit rather close to home for many people. As Really Now commented on YouTube, “That was not an SNL skit, that was a documentary of what happens to millions of moms on Christmas Day.” 

Moms apparently reacted last year by posting photos to Twitter of themselves in a robe. And a year later it was clear they hadn’t forgotten. 

Watch and laugh…but don’t forget to thank your mother (and/or your caretakers, friends, and family) for all the work they put into holiday dinners, parties, gifts (and gift wrapping), and events.

And a huge Happy Holidays from the Colorado Sound to all the moms out there! 


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