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Six Days of Spring special music programming

Spring is in full bloom, summer is almost here, so we put together a Six Days of Spring music special in honor of our Spring Membership Drive and to welcome the warmer weather!

It’s a time to celebrate and highlight some of the fun songs and new discoveries that you hear and love on the Colorado Sound The daily schedule is below.

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From drinking songs to covers to Friday Funk All Day, we’ll spin songs you don’t hear every day on the Colorado Sound – songs that will make you stop what you’re doing to turn up the volume, do a little dance, jot down the song name, or simply say, “Wow, I can’t believe they’re playing that!”

Listen over the air, on the web, or on your smart speaker (just tell it to “play the Colorado Sound”). We’ll have some additional content on our social media channels, too – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – so if you don’t follow us there yet, please come along for the ride!  


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Six Days of Spring Schedule

We have some great music in store for you all weekend and beyond! And don’t worry, our regular features will still be happening, and your favorites hosts will still be behind the mic. 


Thursday May 12: Songs to Fill Your Pint Cup To 

In honor of our spring drive thank-you gift, we are highlighting songs about filling your cup and drinking whatever refreshing beverage you choose. 


Friday May 13: Friday Funk All Day!

Our Friday morning feature Bring in the Friday Funk has a huge fanbase, so most of you will immediately know what this is about. We’ll feature great funk and soul songs all day long.  


Saturday May 14: ’90s Hits and Forgotten Gems

If like our morning show host Ben you are a fan of ’90s music, this is your day. Join us to hear favorites…and maybe some songs you haven’t heard in ages


Sunday May 15: Coming to Colorado

So many amazing artists and bands are coming to Colorado this summer, so let’s celebrate by highlighting some of the artists we can’t wait to see live! 


Monday May 16: Just the Covers

Highlighting cover songs all day long. 


Tuesday May 17: Road Trip Songs

You know the drill – hop on your bike, or get in your car (public transportation works well, too), and go! 



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