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Introducing Sheroes, a new program airing Sunday nights at 7

Sheroes Radio logo Colorado Sound music program women artists interview

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Sheroes Radio, a cool music program created, hosted, and produced by longtime radio and podcast host Carmel Holt. A mix of music and conversation (including an in-depth SHERO in the Spotlight segment), Sheroes Radio is inspired by Carmel’s 25-year career in radio and her lifetime devotion to music.

Starting this Sunday, Oct. 8, Sheroes will air every Sunday night at 7pm on The Colorado Sound.

Each week on Sheroes Radio, Carmel presents a mix of both newcomers and familiar artists, combining a carefully curated playlist together with an in-depth Spotlight conversation with one featured artist. As the Sheroes Radio website explains, her approach is “guided by a fierce commitment to diversity and inclusivity, showcasing a range of both music and guests that span genres and generations, with an eye towards lifting up new voices, while recognizing and celebrating womxn who paved the way.”

The Sheroes Radio website also notes how terms like “women in music” and “female artists” are “longstanding labels that categorize [artists] by gender” and are “part of a long history of inequity on the airwaves, and in the music industry at large.” Which is why Carmel is “on a mission to make sure gender equality is a part of the conversation in the music industry.”

“Yes, I want to celebrate and amplify womxn in music,” says Holt. “But I also feel very strongly that going beyond the echo-chamber of girl power and female-empowerment is crucial if we are going to make real change happen.” She continues, “SHEROES Radio is an invitation to you to open your ears a bit wider to experience what an hour of womxn’s voices on the radio sounds like.”

Tune in Sunday evening to put music behind these words and hear more about the stories and songs inspiring Sheroes Radio.

Sheroes Radio airs Sunday evenings at 7pm MT on The Colorado Sound. Tune in along the Front Range at 105.5 FM, or stream us from anywhere in the world via the Listen Live button our website. Or simply tell your smart speaker to “play The Colorado Sound.”

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