Science Fiction Day music special returns Jan. 2

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Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2024, marks the birthday of famed science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov, who wrote and edited some 500 books in his lifetime and is considered one of the top science fiction authors of the 20th century.

“I enjoy it…why not,” he told David Letterman in 1980, on why he writes so prolifically. “Here I am, a handsome writer,” he continues with a sly smile, “why shouldn’t I write?”

Jan. 2 also marks National Science Fiction Day, a day when sci-fi fans around the country celebrate not just Asimov’s birthday, but the whole incredible world of science fiction in books, movies, television, music, and more.

And speaking of music, The Colorado Sound will once again honor Science Fiction Day with special sci-fi-themed programming all day long.

Science fiction has long been a significant part of TV show themes (the Jetsons, Star Trek, the X-Files) to incredible soundtracks for films including 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Arrival, Blade Runner, and the 1973 French animated gem La Planète Sauvage.

But plenty of rock, pop, jazz, and other artists have incorporated science-fiction themes into their music, too, from David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Queen, Blondie, and Sun Ra to Daft Punk, Modest Mouse, and the Flaming Lips.

We’ll also include clips from your favorite sci-fi films and TV shows, among other multidimensional mysteries and sonic surprises.

The Colorado Sound’s Science Fiction Day music special airs all day on Tuesday, Jan. 2, starting just after midnight and running through 10pm MT.

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