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Public Radio Music Day

public radio music day 2023 october 25 noncommercial community

On Wednesday, Oct. 25, The Colorado Sound will participate in the fourth annual Public Radio Music Day, an event bringing together noncommercial music stations, artists, lawmakers, fans, and other members of the music industry and community to recognize public radio’s essential community service and unique role in the world of music, both locally and nationally.

Being a public radio music station, The Colorado Sound is joining the noncomMUSIC Alliance and public radio music stations across the country to celebrate.

So many artists we play have seen success thanks to public radio, whether through national outlets such as NPR Music or stations like ours.

Public Radio Music Day is also an opportunity to highlight challenges we face, such as complex music copyright laws that can impede an ideal listener and user experience.

The 2023 Public Radio Music Day theme is “Building Community Through Music,” which resonates strongly with us. Not only do we spin many artists from right here in Colorado, we continually build connections through music, events such as our annual Colorado Sound Music Awards and our quarterly Music Meetings, partnerships with numerous venues and organizations, and our growing community of Colorado Sound listeners and members.

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Many of the artists we play, whether from Colorado or elsewhere in the world, create music you only hear on public radio. And that’s another of the big reasons we are celebrating Public Radio Music Day.

About the noncomMUSIC Alliance

The noncomMUSIC Alliance celebrates public radio’s role in connecting musicians, performers, and artists with audiences who enjoy and support their music. The Alliance highlights the work of noncommercial public radio as an essential source of music discovery, curation, preservation, performance, and community. Additionally, the Alliance advocates and supports issues that threaten to upend the noncommercial music industry and the contribution of its members.

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