Our Odell Beer Has A Name

Odell Brewing Company and The Colorado Sound have teamed up, and for the last few weeks we’ve called on your help to name the beer for our Second Birthday Party.

Well, we have a winner. Make that two winners!

105 pint 5, Listener Powered Ale
Introducing 105 Pint 5, Listener Powered Ale

Congratulations to Lauren and Beau, the two winners in ‘The Colorado Sound Name The Beer’ contest.

Lauren from Ft. Collins gave us ‘105 Pint 5’ and Beau from Ft. Collins gave us ‘Listener Powered Ale’.

So when you are ordering this tasty brew, ask for “105 Pint 5, Listener Powered Ale”!

The beer will be on tap this Saturday, for The Colorado Sound’s Second Birthday Party. The party will be headlined by Anderson East, with Colorado’s Kyle Emerson opening!