Music 101: the music and influence of Nile Rodgers


Talk about a massive influence: Not many artists had seen their music has cross as many genres, and generations, as Nile Rodgers.

Born in New York City and raised in a musical family (he met artists like Nina Simone and Miles Davis as a kid), Rodgers got his first real job as a player in a Sesame Street stage show. (“I sight read ‘Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood’ and got the job on the spot”).

Rodgers truly made his name, though, as a member of the band Chic, which he founded in 1970 with his musical partner Bernard Edwards.

Rodgers went on to write songs, perform on, and produce records for dozens of artists, including Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, David Bowie, Madonna, INXS, Daft Punk, Duran Duran, Steve Winwood, Grace Jones, and…the list goes on and on.

In the process of he’s won numerous awards, including several GRAMMYs. He’s also been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame more than once, and earned a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Recording Academy.

In this week’s episode of Music 101, learn about the life, career, and music of Nile Rodgers, and hear songs he wrote, recorded, and produced.

Artists and songs featured in Music 101: Nile Rodgers

“Get Away” The Big Apple Band

“I’m Doing Fine Now” New York City

“Dance Dance Dance (Yowsah Yowsah Yowsah)” Chic

“Le Freak” Chic

“Good Times” Chic

“Rapper’s Delight” Sugarhill Gang

“Upside Down” Diana Ross

“Let’s Dance” David Bowie

“Notorious” Duran Duran

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