Listen To A New Father John Misty Song

Mr. Tillman

Father John Misty has released a new song called “Mr. Tillman”. It’s out today on Subpop and Bella Union. Listen to the song below.

Father John Misty is releasing music at a feverish rate. In 2015 he came out with the ambitious I Love You, Honeybear. The densely packed Pure Comedy came out in 2017, landing on several year-end lists, including on The Colorado Sound’s best of 2017. And now this song, which is almost certainly a teaser for his forthcoming 2018 album. Late in 2017, Father John Misty told the UK’s Uncut  the new record sounds like “the real I Love You, Honeybear but without the cynicism.”

The hypnotic new song is pure FJM: unsurprisingly self-reflective and verbose, autobiographically cryptic, and featuresn the tantalizing lyric:

“And oh, will you need a driver out to Philly?
Jason Isbell’s here as well
And he seemed a little worried about you”