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It’s the club no-one wants to join. The term “27 Club” was coined after 4 high profile rock star deaths between 1969 and 1971–Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison. Their deaths were unusual not just because of the relative closeness of their deaths but also because they were all 27 when they died. The 27 Club lives in cultural memory now in part because of the death of Kurt Cobain. It was after the Nirvana frontman took his life at the age of 27 that pop culture media really began making the 27 Club a thing. Of course, musicians… Read more

Music 101 for December 3 - Bebop And The Beat Poets

“I pledge allegiance to the soil of Turtle Island, and to the beings who thereon dwell one ecosystem in diversity under the sun with joyful interpenetration for all.” —Gary Snyder, “For All” The Beat poets came of age in the 1940s, with New York and San Francisco acting as the Beats’ epicenter. Their impact crossed many artistic lines, from literature to jazz, which flourished in post-WWII America. The freedom to ramble and roam, long a trademark of American culture, was vastly opened in post-war culture, and the Beats not only embraced it – they practically defined it. Not only were… Read more