CBGB’s On Music 101

CBGB’s – A Legendary Venue

It’s difficult to encapsulate the legend of music venue CBGB’s in 57 minutes.

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Played on Music 101, Episode CBGB’s:

(All songs recorded live at CBGB’s)

“Double Exposure” -Television

“Femme Fatale” – Blondie

“Detente (That’s What I Want)” -The Miamis

“I’m Not Really This Way” – Manster

“I Wanna Sniff Some Glue” -The Ramones

“Keep Your Dreams” – Suicide

“Psycho Killer”-Talking Heads

“Dancing Barefoot” – Patti Smith Group

“The Way I Walk” – Frank Furter & The Hot Dogs (aka The Cramps)

“All For The Sake Of Rock & Roll” -Tuff Darts

“Cadillac Moon” – Mink DeVille

“So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star” – Patti Smith