Colorado Bands, We'd Love To Hear Your Music

Colorado Musicians, We’d Love To Hear Your Music

Are you in a Colorado band
Get On Air

One of the most common questions we get is: “Can we get our song on air?”

Yes! If you make music in Colorado, we want to hear it. Submitting music is easy. We get many submissions, and we make a point to listen to all of the submissions that are sent to us. 


Be sure to follow our guidelines for submitting your song for consideration. We get a lot of submissions each day, so if you follow these simple steps, it really helps! 

First, we ask that you email us a .wav file or download link

If the file is a large one, please send it as download. Be sure the link is a .wav or mp3 of at least 320 kbps.

Send website and social media information

Please include your information that will help us learn more about you!

Send along websites and social media links. If you have tour dates, we want to know! Even though we can’t play every song we get, we love to give shout outs on our concert calendar. 

Do Research! 

And finally, the most important thing: Do you research. Before sending us music, make sure we play the genre you specialize. We receive submissions from many talented bands outside of genres we just don’t feature. So listen, and if you have “The Colorado Sound” you have a great chance of getting airplay. We love Colorado music, and we want to highlight as much of it as we can.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.