Our Music Resolutions For 2018

Music Resolutions
Listen to more vinyl in 2018!

Two thousand and eighteen. It’s coming. With the year just about in rear view, The Colorado Sound wants to start ’18 off right.

Every year we want to fall in love with music even more. Here’s how we hope to do just that-  our 2018 Music Resolutions.

Ron | morning show

For 2018, I’m planning on not letting my early morning hours get the best of my “concert attendance desires”!

Stacy | afternoon show

In 2018, I will see more shows and expand my Hip Hop and EDM library. And, listen to more vinyl!

Also, I will take our listener’s advice and listen to all 105 albums they’ve chosen in 2017.

Chris | digital producer

In 2018, I am going to get my CD collection back! When I moved to Colorado, I gave my friend almost 1000 of my CDs to keep in his house.

I thought I’d never want all that bulk back, but I’ve been missing it. So a road trip through the heartland, into the South and all the way back with a loaded CD player is definitely happening.

Benji | evening show

My 2018 music resolution is to take Torch & Twang to a new level. And, I am going to play deeper cuts and emerging artists on Torch & Twang!

Margot | mid-day show

  • To listen to as much music as I can.
  • To finally organize all my music.
  • And, to take Music 101 on the road.
More Concerts
See more shows!

Danielle | community engagement coordinator

My New Years Resolution is to support Colorado artists. I’m going to go to as many Colorado artists shows as possible and bring friends. If they are selling merch after a show, I’m going to buy a CD, sticker or shirt. I think it’s very important to support our amazing Colorado musicians!


We will let you know how it goes. Happy New Year!