Join us for an in-person Music Meeting Feb. 2

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Join us on Feb. 2 for the first Colorado Sound Music Meeting of 2023 – and the first being held in person since the pandemic!

Meet the Colorado Sound staff and other members of our wonderful listener community as we spin songs, swap stories, and listen to some brand-new music together.

The meeting takes place Thursday, Feb. 2 at 5:30pm at Georgia Boys BBQ in Longmont, Colo.

Free to attend and open to anyone, our music meetings are a chance for you to give us your thoughts on new music that’s come across our desk recently. It’s also a chance to connect with Colorado Sound staff, listeners, and our community as a whole. And who knows, some of the songs you hear might make it onto the air!

To attend, please register in advance using Eventbrite. There is no cost, but this helps us keep track of attendees (and we’ll email you a reminder the week of the event).

Music Meeting RSVP

How does it work?

During each meeting we spin a selection of brand-new songs, then ask your opinion. You rate each song and share your comments, which can lead to some lively discussions with other music fans from around the state – and around the country. It’s a fun, interactive way to hear some of the newest releases…and make some new friends.  

Georgia Boys BBQ is located at 230 3rd St. in Longmont, Colo. The restaurant will be open and serving food and drinks, in case you want to show up early and order some dinner. For location information and a menu, check out the Georgia Boys website.

The meeting will start at 5:30pm and run for about one hour. Georgia Boys BBQ will be open before and after the event if you’d like to order food or drinks. And if you feel the need the wear a mask, please do so, we respect your choice. 

We’ll see you on Thursday, Feb. 2!

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