Music 101: the Devil


This week on Music 101, we focus on some devilishly good songs!

The Devil has been the topic of a lot of music across all genres. He even has his own dissonant musical interval named after him – the “Devil’s tritone.” This episode includes music that dates back many years, as well as songs from some of the biggest bands in rock music. 

Below is the full playlist for this week’s episode.

Music 101 Playlist: The Devil

“Violin Sonata in G” (excerpt) – Giuseppe Tartini

“Danse Macabre” (excerpt) – Camille Saint-Saëns

“Black Sabbath” – Black Sabbath

“Jelly Roll Blues” – Jelly Roll Morton & His Red Hot Peppers

“Me And The Devil Blues” – Robert Johnson

“I Sold My Soul To The Devil” – Casey Bell Weldon

“Satan Is Real” – Louvin Brothers

“Mean As Hell” – Johnny Cash

“(You’re The) Devil In Disguise” – Elvis Presley

“Lucifer Sam” – Pink Floyd

“Sympathy For The Devil” – Rolling Stones

“The Devil Went Down To Georgia” – Charlie Daniels Band

“The Man” – Randy Newman


In each episode of Music 101, your host Margot highlights a different chapter in music history, bringing you songs you love and the stories behind them.

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