Music 101: Shoegaze - The Colorado Sound

Music 101: Shoegaze

At the time Britpop was making huge inroads in rock in the early 90s, another genre was bubbling up; characterized by lush, reverb-laden guitars and a modern “wall of sound”, it was called Shoegaze. Initially dubbed Shoegaze as an insult to the playing style of a lot of the bands who defined that sound, as the sound took hold, it went from insult to a bonafide rock genre.  

Songs Featured On The Episode

The Jesus & Mary Chain | “Just Like Honey”
Cocteau Twins |  “Cherry-Coloured Funk”
Spacemen 3 |  “Hypnotised”
AR Kane |  “When You’re Sad”
My Bloody Valentine |  “Only Shallow”
Ride |  “Vapour Trail”
Moose |  “Suzanne”
Lush |  “For Love”
Chapterhouse |  “Pearl”
Slowdive |  “Alison”
Starflyer 59 |  “Hazel Would”
Music Out: Swervedriver | “Under Duress”