Meet Ben’s dog Mario

Our new morning show host Ben Freid recently shared a few of his favorite bands, concerts, and albums. Today he veers away from music to tell us about Mario, his 17-year-old dog. He also shared some photos.

I’ve had my dog Mario since he was a puppy. He’s 17 now, and he’s lived with me in four different states: Hawaii, Michigan, Florida, and now Colorado. He’s a little old man who loves walks and has a long and glorious beard.

Mario ben dog face smiling 2

A few months ago, I went camping with my girlfriend. I was hesitant to bring Mario because of his age, I didn’t want to stress him out. My partner convinced me to bring him, though, and I’m glad we did. Not only did he handle being outside and sleeping in a tent, he even came with us on a 3-mile hike. (I I only had to carry him for about half of it.)

ben dog mario woods colorado hiking outside summer

I was stunned with how well he handled everything, and I learned to never to underestimate the old boy again. While we stayed up all night in a tent because of a windstorm, Mario slept right through it all night. Sometimes a companion you’ve known for years (animal or human) will surprise you!


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