Pictured, graffiti from Salford, England and The Hacienda nightclub, two epicenters of the Madchester Scene.
Madchester On Music 101

In the late 1980s, in Manchester England, came a short-lived but memorable music movement that fused Psychedelia, Pop, and dance music. It was known as Madchester and groups like the Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses personified its sound.

Songs featured on this week’s episode:

Happy Mondays | “24 Hour Party People”
Stone Roses | “Elephant Stone”
A Guy Called Gerald | “Voodoo Ray”
808 State | “Pacific State”
James | “Sit Down” (original 1989 version)
Inspiral Carpets | “This Is How It Feels”
Charlatans U.K. | “The Only One I Know”
The Mock Turtles | “Can You Dig It”
Candy Flip | “Strawberry Fields Forever”