Live Session: The Lone Bellow

Live Session: The Lone Bellow

Brooklyn’s The Lone Bellow check in with us for some music and videos from home, composed of songs taken from their latest album Half Moon Light. That February release has been a good one to go back to and gives us some timely lyrics and music, featured throughout their session.

Chief songwriter Zach Williams begins with a simple message: “We just want to remind everyone to be kind to each other,” he says before the band gives us the set.

They start with “Count On Me”, singing “let it break you, let it help you lay down what you held onto.” They come together for a rendition of the album’s “Good Times,” and on “Dust Settles,” they sing of “running in the Rockies, where the continent divides.”

The rest of the set features “There Is Love All Around You,” (“teardrops on the waterfall / sometimes you don’t feel anything at all”), and “Wonder,” which closes with the lyrics:

“I need something to hold onto
Dead leaves, bare feet, our eyes were true
We can’t unsee that field of view
I’m writing you a letter that I will never send you.”

The Lone Bellow gives us the kind of music and words that make us stop and pause, and especially now, that is a good thing to hold onto, too.