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Lisa Siciliano – Mile High Stash

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Colorado writer and musician Adam Perry hosts a weekly podcast called Mile High Stash. Each Monday he drops a new episode featuring an interview with a Colorado musician or artist.

Recently, Mile High Stash interviewed Colorado photographer Lisa Siciliano, who frequently shoots Colorado and touring musicians for The Colorado Sound and other outlets when they appear at Red Rocks, the Boulder and Fox theaters, Mission Ballroom, and other venues. Lisa’s photos are all shot in black and white on 35mm film. Working under the name Dog Daze Photo, Lisa also shoots portraits, weddings, and other events for a range of clients.

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During their interview, Adam and Lisa talked about taking photos of some of the greatest concerts ever to be held in Colorado, getting to know artists such as Buddy Guy and David Crosby, and how she got into into photography in the first place.

Below are some highlights from the interview:

On David Crosby:

“I photographed him a bunch. I photographed him with Crosby, Stills and Nash at Red Rocks, when I first became house photographer at Red Rocks back in the late ‘90s. We have to do this backstage photo there where you’re getting a piece of them getting the rock, and he was back there, like, ‘Is this the house photographer? She won’t do.’ I was freaking out. I was, like, ‘What’s wrong with this guy?’ and he said, ‘She’s much too beautiful. She’s gonna distract me.’”

On shooting rock stars:

“I always like when there’s a movement, up or down, because it’s something different. You’re just feeling the song. Sometimes they’ll repeat that kind of motion and you’re, like, ‘OK, when he gets to this part again, he’s gonna do something interesting.’”

On shooting Dolly Parton at Red Rocks:

“She was very excited that night. That was right before she started singing ‘Jolene.’ That’s one thing: When it’s a song I love, I have to make sure I’m not moving around, especially because that was from the soundboard and I was hand-holding a 300. She’s amazing – especially at that age. It sounded just like the record.”

Listen to the full Mile High Stash interview with Lisa Siciliano on your favorite streaming service. Or visit Mile High Stash for past episodes and more information on the show and host Adam Perry.

For those in Colorado, Lisa Siciliano is holding her first ever summertime rock art show & sale at Roots Music Project in Boulder, Colo. on Thursday, June 8 at 6pm. Admission is free, and proceeds from print sales benefit her Lumin Project. See her Facebook page for details.

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