Lake Street Dive Bring The Energy On New Album “Obviously”

Lake Street Dive have released a new album, Obviously, out earlier in March on Nonesuch. For the band, now based in Brooklyn, it’s their eighth album and first since 2018’s Free Yourself Up. Groovy from the get-go, Obviously offers a diverse set of sounds alongside producer Mike Elizondo. Originally slated for a fall 2020 release, Obviously is worth the wait. Rachel Price is a standout on vocals, and the funky feel is a good antidote to the pandemic delays the band was working with. More than ever, the band combines its trademark jazz, soul, and pop with elements of hip hop.

“Throughout our recording projects, our frame of reference has come from classic rock and ’70s AM gold,” explains band member Mick “McDuck” Olson. “But in terms of modern production aesthetics, no one is getting it right more than hip hop.”

The band is still scheduled to play Red Rocks with the Wood Brothers on September 26.

Here are some more samples of the band throughout the years, including a look at the writing of “Exhaustion” from the new album.

Lake Street Dive performing their hit “Shame Shame Shame,” courtesy NPR Music. 

The band talks to World Cafe about the pop, soul, jazz, disco, and rock sounds on Free Yourself Up.


Bassist Bridget Kearney talks about the new album  and the song “Being A Woman.”