Kyle Emerson's new band Lucky Spell debuts with "King Lonely Boy" - The Colorado Sound

Kyle Emerson’s new band Lucky Spell debuts with “King Lonely Boy”


Summer weather is in full swing, and Lucky Spell is here for it with their new song “King Lonely Boy.” 

Lucky Spell is the new band featuring formerly Colorado-based artist Kyle Emerson, who now lives in and works out of L.A. He formed Lucky Spell with songwriter and producer, Alex Katsaropolous (the band is named after a racehorse whose name Emerson found on an old coffee mug). Emerson’s new musical direction was inspired by a handful of rough life events, but based on the vibe of “King Lonely Boy,” he’s aiming for an optimistic future. 

“I can bury my pain like an idiot,” Emerson sings, “or i can finally own it.” The melody feels easygoing and breezy, but the biggest takeaway from “King Lonely Boy” is self-awareness. 

Lucky Spell kyle emerson

“Making these songs felt a lot like painting to me,” Emerson wrote in recent Facebook post. “Being able to chisel away at the song in real time, as you’re growing with the arrangement, and getting to know different elements of the personality of the song at your own pace was an incredible experience for me.”


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