Jean Dawson goes all in on ‘Sick of It’

Jean Dawson isn’t sugarcoating his feelings on “Sick of It.” This is a song that starts off hard and stays that way, not letting up.

I’m a freak, I’m a creep, I’m a sh*thead clown
Keep a hood on my head
Walk like I’m dead

It’s angry, it’s dark, it’s punk rock and loud, but man it’s great – it sucks you right in, and keeps you fired up the entire time. Granted it’s short (just over two minutes), but you’re exhausted by the end…in all the best ways. Watch the video above (but note it contains some swearing).

jean dawson sick of it cover art

“Sick of It” appears on Dawson’s third album Chaos Now, which dropped last fall. And the word ‘chaos’ seems deliberate, as the songs on the album are anything but tame.

As for musical categories? Forget it, Dawson doesn’t fit into them. The songs on Chaos Now pull bits and pieces from all kinds of places – rock, punk, hip-hop, jazz, folk. There’s no pinning it down, which is a huge part of what makes it so fresh.

“I’m not dictated by [any] perspective,” he told Billboard last fall. “I feel like once I [categorized my music], it would sully it.”

“I’m informed by Prince [and] Michael Jackson,” he continued. “Do I make music like [them]? Absolutely not. But I’m informed by the decisions they made, because they were so them. That opens up a space where you’re not dictated by your complexion or your appearance.”

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