Today is International Clash Day!

Every February, many in the music world celebrate one of the greatest rock bands of the 20th century, the Clash, on a day now known as International Clash Day. Any excuse to play lots of music by the Clash…what’s not to love about that?

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The celebration began on Seattle station KEXP in 2013, and it’s grown into an international phenomenon. This “mini documentary” from KEXP tells the story behind what’s become an international celebration.

The Colorado Sound is no stranger to this celebration. And this year (2024) on Wed., Feb., 7, we’re going all out, with special programming all day long celebrating “the only band that matters.” 

Listen all day for music by the Clash, Joe Strummer, and the various projects from band members including Big Audio Dynamite and the Good, the Bad, and the Queen , as well as special stories and trivia. 

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You never know what’s around the next bend, but on International Clash Day, it’ll definitely be a blast!

Listen on the Front Range at 105.5 or from anywhere in the world on the web, our newly updated Colorado Sound app, or your favorite smart speaker (just tell it to “play the Colorado Sound”). 

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And keep an eye on our social media accounts, too. We will share Clash videos, trivia, and other tidbits all day long. 

Clash on!

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