Discover First Nations electronic duo the Halluci Nation

Canadian electronic duo the Halluci Nation was born out of a love of electronic music and a First Nation identity that the bandmembers found missing from so much contemporary music.

The group was founded in Ottawa under the original name A Tribe Called Red (a not-so-subtle nod to A Tribe Called Quest). Now working as a duo under the name the Halluci Nation, Tim “2oolman” Hill and Ehren “Bear Witness” Thomas blend elements of hip-hop, electronic dance music, and dubstep with First Nations vocal chanting and drumming. Sometimes called electric pow-wow or pow-wow-step, it’s a potent mix that stands out in contemporary rock and dance music.

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Some songs are built around social/cultural tension (like “Burn Your Village to the Ground,” above), while others venture into power ballad territory and include guest vocalists like Jennifer Kreisberg.

Others such as “It’s Over” are just about a good groove.

“I never see myself as an activist,” Bear Witness tells Complex. “I just do the things I do because I am Indigenous and it is necessary to do these things and talk about them. I’m always working to represent Indigenous people the way we need to be represented.”


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