Genesis Owusu’s fired-up new single will ‘get’ you ‘inspired’

Need to “Get Inspired”? The new song from Genesis Owusu will get you fired up and keep you there all day long.

Owusu is a Ghanaian-Australian singer who’s had one previous album under his belt, as well as a handful of singles. “Get Inspired,” his latest release, is energetic and catchy right out of the gate.

How you picky with your art, when you can’t even pay your rent?
Chipped for years, and years, and years, but seems you haven’t made a dent
All that dreaming sh*t you chasing showed its face then came and went

Who he’s talking to, or what the subtext is behind his lyrics isn’t immediately clear. Which is great, because you can take them – absorb them – as you need. Whatever the case, the gist is that Owusu isn’t taking any guff – the song is about taking action, getting off your butt and back in the game. And the melody, too, is right there behind the lyrics and doesn’t let up for even a second.

Give a listen (above) and you’ll be hooked. You might even get up and dance. Whatever you were doing before, Owusu’s song will definitely have you “inspired.”

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