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FoCoMX 2023 lineup and schedule

Who’s playing FoCoMX this year? Colorado music fans can now find out as the full lineup of the 2023 Fort Collins Music Experiment (FoCoMX) has been unveiled!

Fans can see the full schedule with locations and start times, or browse a complete list of the more than 400 Colorado artists and bands performing this year. Just a handful of highlights include Grieves, Darren Garvey of Elephant Revival, Salome Songbird (Joy Adams of Big Richard and Nathaniel Rateliff), Heavy Gus (featuring Stelth Ulvang of the Lumineers), Sean Kennedy (Tickle Me Pink), Write Minded, Slow Caves, Alysia Kraft, 2MX2, Sol Pride, and Blue Book.

Fans can also see a list of the dozens of venues, both indoor and out, participating in this year’s FoCoMX. These include mainstays like the Aggie, Washingtons and the Lyric to Avogadro’s Number, Surfside 7, Odell Brewing Co., and the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. All locations are in and around downtown Fort Collins.

Tickets are now on sale. A small handful of venues (like the Museum Of Discovery & the Silent Disco) will have free admission, but most will require a weekend wristband for entry.

focomx 2023 poster

FoCoMX takes place April 28-29 at venues and locations throughout downtown Fort Collins. It’s a tremendous opportunity for music fans to see and hear some of the best music our state has to offer – and potentially discover some new favorites. 

Tickets for the full weekend of shows and events are on sale now on the FoCoMX website

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